Fourth week, learning further

Another good afternoon to all readers, the first Friday blog for you all to read. 

I'm doing well here, I feel good and I believe my managers and co-workers are happy with my effort I put into work. I'm also practicing a lot of Spanish in daily life, trying to get my speaking and reading skills up. This should make life a little easier here, despite most people around me being either Dutch or English! 

This week the first people in TDA left, some fun people who will make space for the next group. I wonder how it will be like without them. Time will tell. 

I've completed my first diving course, i am now an Open Water Diver. I will use this to my advantage in something I have been introduced to this week: Sales. 

When I went to Sales, I went with a new colleague named Ron. We introduced ourselves and we set of to Las Americas to sell the experience to other hotels. When we came there, we got what we expected. Due to low-season there are not many prospects around, mostly elderly people or people with no interest in diving. However, we did try and sell as much as possible, reaching a potential 4 customers (low). To focus more on business, we went to representatives of businesses like TUI and Sunweb, I got to ask some questions regarding my schoolwork. Following the information I gathered here, I concluded I would get a better sales experience in the busier Christmas period. In these few weeks there will be more customers than now. 

Regarding progress in selling my experience, I've made the first few steps. I could explain exactly what the experience is like and what we do on a daily basis. I created interest and I shared correct information. Time will tell if the people I spoke with will return to Blue Explorers to get some diving in. 

Schoolwork is steady as always, focussing on the business plan for the next couple of weeks. I hope to complete this in the next few weeks. 

To conclude this blog, I am looking forward to the final weekend with the friends I've made here; most of them are leaving. Let's see what next week will bring! 


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